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I Love...

Or as my Mama says,
"People are the bottom line!"

I have always enjoyed looking around and observing people. (Sorry if that just creeped you out!) When I was younger, I would sit and wait for friends and family at the airport terminal and make up stories for the passengers as they got off the plane... stories about their travels and adventures.

Now the terminals are closed, but that hasn't stopped me from observing at the restaurant, the stoplight, the park, the zoo, you name the place. And do you know what I see? Eyeballs starring at little hand-held screens, mindlessly perusing this website and that. And my brain begins to wander and make up stories again. But the most heartbreaking scenes and stories may actually be true. <A Dad lounging back on a park bench staring at his little screen missing the smile and look of joy on his little child's face as they come down the slide only for that smile to turn to sadness that there are no open arms with whom to …

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